Adblock Browser 1.0 For Android With Advanced Features

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The Adblock Browser 1.0 for Android is a powerful      mobile Web browser with built-in ad-blocker. The  company, Eyeo GmbH, has launched this Adblock  Browser in open beta version. It also claims that it is  “the first browser of its kind to offer users ad blocking  as an integrated feature.”This Adblock Browser UI is based on Firefox for Android UI and offers the users a familiar UI with nearly similar configuration options as those of its desktop version. The company claims that this browser is a better option than its popular Adblock Plus browser-extension for Firefox for Android as the latter has significant limitations in terms of user interface.

Currently, this application is not available via Google Play. Interested persons need to visit Google+ community page titled Adblock Browser for Android Beta testers and select ‘Beta Opt-In’ to get access to this application.

Previously, the company had released an adblocking app named Adblock Plus for Android that was unlisted from Google Play due to conflicting service issues with the product. This app only blocked ads over HTTP connections and lacked the ability to block ads on encrypted connections, thus leaving the users vulnerable to malicious ads.

The company explains that it is looking for ways to make ad-blocking and content blocking more easier to configure and flexible to use. The company notes that it will try to address usability issues and acknowledge bug fixes.

P.S- The Company Eyeo GmpH, has plans for releasing an iOS-based version of its new Adblocker Browser.

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