Google Now- Using The Smartest Mobile Assistant !

Google Now is the coolest ‘text-based and voice search‘ application, that you can access with your beloved Android device, without any hassle. It has been designed to perform as a smart and automated digital tool to meet your information needs, with effectiveness.


How to access the Google Now

Press and hold Home button for 2-3 seconds. Tap the icon in the middle column to launch Google Now. You can access Google Now by using Google app in the applications drawer.


If your device has Android Lollipop or newer version installed, you can simply swipe left from Home screen to use Google Now.

Working with Google Now cards

These cards are actually updates or shortcut links to online information that you want to access.

By tapping a specific card on the screen, you may find yourself visiting your favorite website, reading weather updates, or upcoming events. All cards can be removed from the interface by swiping to the right.

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Adding and customizing your Google Now cards

At the bottom of Google Now interface page, there are two icons. Customize Google Now menu can be accessed by tapping ‘the stick’ icon in the right side of the screen.


You can see different card categories, such as, Sports, Stocks, and Places. In the Everything Else category, you can set addresses for your home and workplace and opt for related weather updates. Under each category, you can add or remove your interests, anytime you like. Hence, you can keep or stop getting updates on your interests via specified cards.


Configure Google Now settings

Press menu button to select Settings that you can change, according to your preferences. You can set the language and block offensive word results. You can enable Commute sharing and manage your web history. Google Now can be turned off using this page.


Set Reminders

This specialized feature lets you add reminders for different time or location based tasks and events. Note: – You can set reminders using Google voice command too.


Typed and voice search feature-

Using this feature you can get web results as well as tell Google what to do. The voice search assistant can perform various tasks like calling contacts, showing place directions, and opening phone apps.


Google Now voice-commands-

We have listed a few voice commands that you can use, for hands-free experience:

  • For communication->

Call [ contact_name ]
Send [ SMS ] to [ contact_name ] mobile, please callback

  • For maps and navigation->

Map of [ country_name ]
Show me the nearby [ place_name ] on map
Navigate to [ location_name ] on car

  • For weather->

Is it going to rain [ day ]

  • Time and date->

Time at home, Date of the day

  • Web browsing->

Go to [ website_name ]
Open [ website_name ]
Browse to [ website_name ]

  • Entertainment->

Who is the producer of [ program_name ]
When was [ movie_name ] released
Listen to [ song_name ]

  • Reminders->

Remind me to [ task ] at [ time ]
Wake me up in [ time_period ]
Set alarm for [ time ]

  • Common commands->

Search for [ recipe_name ]
What is [ thing ]
Who invented [ thing ]
Stock price of [ company_name ]
Author of [ book_name ]
Post to Google+ [ message ]

Flight status of [ flight_name ]


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