Planning to sell your phone? BEWARE! Your Data May be Recoverable

android phone doesnt delete your data

If you are planning to sell your used smartphone erasing all your data may be not enough.

Smartphone users are smart enough to delete their personal data from their phone memory before putting it up for sale.But many of the users don’t know that factory reset or deleting all files from phone won’t erase the memory completely.

Researchers from security software seller Avast reported that Android’s factory reset option does not remove all of a user’s data but merely deletes the corresponding pointers to a file instead of deleting the entire file itself and leaves it in a recoverable state.

Recently researchers said that there is no complex procedure to recover deleted files; Anybody can recover the data using free tool named FTK Imager (forensic toolkit imager).Avast bought 20 used android phones from eBay and recovered deleted files .

• More than 750 photos of women in various stages of undress
• More than 750 emails and text messages
• More than 40,000 stored photos
• More than 250 selfies of what appear to be the previous owner’s manhood
• More than 250 contact names and email addresses
• More than 1,500 family photos of children
• More than 1,000 Google searches
• Four previous owners’ identities
• One completed loan application

Learn how to completely delete your android phone data.

Do perform the following steps to completely erase the data from your android phone.delete completely your android phone


Still unconvinced then take a hammer and BANG !!!! break your phone , SIM and SD card beyond repair !! 


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