Using The Airdroid App for Android Phones !

airdroid-banner-image-120516Airdroid, is one of the best application that every Android smartphone user should download and install on your phone. This innovative app lets you make and reject phone calls, send and receive text messages, transfer files, and receive notifications of your Android smartphone, via your PC.

It is somewhat similar to the Continuity app for iOS-based handsets and MAC devices.  However, it does not let receive phone calls, unlike the Continuity app.

There is no need to install any software on your PC and can control your Android device via app by visiting a dedicated webpage on the computer.

In case of rooted Android phone, the Airdroid app, lets the user see phone’s screen on the PC. This would mean that the user can use all apps of the phone on the PC, itself.

Steps for installing and enabling the Airdroid App on device –

  • Download and open the Airdroid app on your Android handset.
  • Create a user account or simply tap the’ Sign in later’ option to skip this step.
  • The app will ask you for permission to show notifications on computer n real time. Tap ‘Enable’ option.
  • Click on ‘Airdroid Notification Mirror Service’.
  • Press ‘OK’ of the confirmation pop-up page.
  • Tap the back button on your handset to return to Airdroid app’s home page.
  • The app displays a URL- on your phone’s screen.
  • Open this URL in the web browser on your PC. You will find a QR code in the browser window.
  • On your Android phone, click on the QR code image next to the URL in Airdroid app.
  • Your phone’s camera is now opened. Point the camera at the QR code in PC’s browser window.
  • The Airdroid app will now scan this QR code. After the completion of scanning process, it will vibrate.

Now, you will be able to receive all your Android phone notifications in the browser window of your computer. You can also view and access your phone apps such as Camera and Gallery, via your PC. You can take, view, and transfer pictures, snapshots, and videos. You can listen and share songs stored on your phone via the computer. You can also check your Android phone’s Call Log and backup apk files.


Steps for reading and sending phone’s text messages via Android app on your PC-

  • Click on ‘Messages’ in the browser window of the computer. All SMS on your Android phone will be shown here, including new text messages.
  • Click ‘New Message’ tab on the top-right side to compose a new SMS.
  • After composing your SMS, click on ‘Send’.

New text message received can be read by clicking the notification shown in the browser window.

Steps for initiating phone calls via Airdroid app on your PC-

You can dial any phone number from your PC but you will need your phone to speak to that person. We recommend that you use a Bluetooth headset already-paired with your phone.

  • Click the phone icon displayed on top-side of app URL page in your PC.
  • Dial the phone number of your contact you wish to call up.
  • Click on the blue-colored Call button to initiate the phone call. To converse with your contact, you will have to switch to your phone.

Steps for rejecting phone calls via the app using your PC-

  • View the received notification for the incoming call, on PC’s web browser window.
  • Click ‘Reject’ option to disconnect the call.
  • Otherwise click ‘Reject with message’ to disconnect the call along with sending a default text message to the caller.

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