How to Protect your Smartphones without any Passcode

It does not seem to be a very good option when it comes to using passcodes to protect your device. For the simple reason that they are not really secure if one uses easy to guess numbers or letters like date of birth and address. That’s why many people don’t prefer to use them, even though not using it poses a danger of theft or misuse.

Thankfully, researches have started to develop substitutes to passwords. It is indeed interesting to find out such features in different gadgets and services. Take a look at the various options underneath:

Fingerprint sensor:
Fingerprint sensorIntroduced by Apple in the iPhone 5s followed by HTC One Max, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Tab S. With the help of fingerprint sensor, one does not need to type in numbers or digits on the screen and the device can be unlocked with the owner’s fingerprints.

One can utilize this feature to identify up to five fingers and simply touch the home screen to unlock the device, however it does not work if the fingers are wet or greasy. In that case, passcode can be used. A negative point is that once a fingerprint is chosen, it cannot be replaced unlike passcodes.

Pattern LockPattern Lock:
Android phones allow one to draw a pattern. From amongst nine dots, you need to join at least four by swiping on the screen. However, a drawback of this alternative is that anyone can easily guess your pattern by looking at the smudge marks.


Knock Code:

LG G2 knock codeThis option is available with the LG G3 smartphone. One can build a code by tapping on the four quadrants in a particular order. A minimum of three and a maximum of eight taps are allowed to create over 80,000 different combinations.

This one is more secure when compared to the pattern as it rules out the possibility of smudge marks. Also, one can either choose the entire phone screen or any small corner and then divide it into quadrants. In case of six unsuccessful attempts, one can utilize passcode or sign in through Google account.

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