How to Turn On And Use Continuity, Handoff, And Hotspot Features on iOS and Mac devices!

handoff-os-x-yosemite-ios-8Continuity, considered as one of the best features of new iOS and Mac devices, lets you easily send and receive SMS, make and answer calls, and other useful activities via your iPhone, iPod (5th Gen), iPad, and MAC devices. Using Continuity you can share a mobile internet connection across various Apple devices.Continuity is enabled by default in all supported Apple and Mac devices. However, you can also enable all its features manually by following the given steps-

For Apple devices-

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘General’.
  • Tap on ‘Handoff & Suggested Apps’ to enable this feature.

For Mac devices-

  • Go to ‘System Preferences’ and tap on ‘General’.
  • Check ‘Allow Handoff’ to turn on this feature.

We have listed below all the major benefits of Continuity that you will surely enjoy, if you haven’t yet!

  1. You can initiate and answer phone calls using your Continuity-supported Apple device.
  2. You can send and receive text messages via your iPhone or any other supported Apple device.
  3. Handoff– This feature lets you automatically sync all your activities performed within any Apple app across Apple devices and compatible Mac devices. For example, if you are composing an email on your iPhone and have your iPad close by, Mail will pop up as an icon on your iPad. Clicking this icon will let you finish the remainder of your email via the iPad. Similarly, you can start composing a new email on your supported Mac device and continue writing this email from where you have let off, on your connected iPhone or iPad, seamlessly. There is absolutely no need to save this incomplete email as a draft and then searching it on other supported device to open and complete the rest of the email.
  4. Hotspot– This is another handy feature that allows your supported Apple devices share a mobile Internet connection, instantly, and with no need of a password.

   Steps for setting up Hotspot connection-

  • On your iPhone or iPad, go to ‘Settings’ and switch on ‘Personal Hotspot’.
  • Now on all your connected Apple devices, the mobile Internet connection will get displayed as a hotspot.
  • You can access this internet connection via any of the connected devices without entering a password. However you will be required to sign in with the same Apple ID.

Notably, the Handoff and the Hotspot features work on a few select Apple devices that support iOS 8.1 or above and compatible Macs running OS X Yosemite.

You should keep in mind the following points before using all Continuity features, successfully-

  • All of your supported devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • All of the supported devices are positioned near to each other and have their Bluetooth switched on.
  • You have signed in to the same ‘FaceTime’, Apple ID, and ‘iCloud’ account on all your devices.

Currently, the Handoff feature works with various Apple apps like Mail, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, Maps, Reminders, Safari, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.