How To Track Your Lost Phone…


Nowadays, all of us rely on our phones so much so that the mere thought of losing our beloved phone make us quiver with fear and grip us with tension.

Imagine yourself carrying your smartphone and travelling to a place and somewhere along the way, it goes missing or in worst-case scenario gets stolen! The situation gets more worrisome if you had forgotten to keep a backup of your phone contacts and data.

Before you become dejected and start shopping for a new handset, you can still attempt a last try to locate your missing phone. This is possible if your phone has a mobile tracking feature or comes equipped with GPS facility or both. Currently all major smartphone platforms, like, Android, iOS, and Blackberry, present an effective in-built method for device-tracking.

For Apple iPhone users-

iphone You will need to enable ‘Find My Phone’ option in your  iPhone and keep it enabled, too. Just go to ‘Settings’  and select ‘iCloud’ and then turn on this option. When  enabled, this service will help you in tracking your lost  phone’s physical location and execute specific tasks,  also.


How to use-

  • Download ‘Find My iPhone’ app on other iOS devices.
  • Sign-in with your iCloud account- the same account that you have been using on your lost iPhone. All the iOS-enabled devices that are linked to that iCloud account, get displayed.
  • Tap the iPhone name to see its location.
  • There will be three buttons displayed below- Play Sound, Lost Mode, Erase iPhone.

Play Sound- will play a loud alarm tone on your missing device

Lost Mode- you have to set up an new 4-digit passcode or entr already created passcode to lock your lost phone, remotely. You can send a recovery message with phone number to that iPhone.

Erase iPhone- Use this option if you are worried about the confidentiality of your phone data. However, after selecting this option, you will not be able to track phone location.

You can directly login to your iCloud account with your Apple ID via web browser, too. All the steps and options for tracking your missing iOS phone or device are the same.

For Android phone users-

Track-Android-PhonesYou can either use the Android device manager via the Internet or  download its app version to use from another Android device.

 How to use-

  • Go to Android Device Manager on another Android phone or device.
  • Login to your Google Account- the same account linked to your lost phone.
  • All Android devices linked to your Google Account will be displayed, on the top left.
  • Select the name of your missing phone to find its location.
  • You will see three options you can select from- Ring, Lock, and Erase.

Ring -will make your device emit sound.

Lock- will lock your missing phone, remotely, via a new password.

Erase- will execute Factory Reset on your lost Android phone.

You can perform the above steps via the Android Device Manager app.

For BlackBerry 10 phone users-

You will need to keep the BlackBerry Protect and its tracking service, enabled in your phone, so that you can track this phone in case it goes missing.

Steps to enable Blackberry Protect:-

  1. IMG_00000890 Go to ‘Settings’ and turn on ‘Blackberry Protect’.
  2.  Click and turn on ‘Location Services’.
  3.  Tap ‘Back’ to save your changes.

How to use-

  • Log on to BlackBerry Protect website.
  • Select ‘View Location’.
  • The service will pinpoint the location of your Blackberry phone on a map, if it is able to successfully discover its location.
  • You can choose any of these three options- Play Sound, Lock Device, and Wipe Device.

For Windows phone users-
You will need to keep the ‘Find My Phone’ setting enabled in your phone, so that you can track this phone in case it goes missing.

Steps to enable ‘Find My Phone’ service:-

  1.  Go to settings and turn on ‘Find My Phone’.
  2.  Check the options for use push notifications and save my phone’s location.
  3.  Press back button. Go to Settings and enable Location.

How to use-

  • Log on to Windows Phone website using your Microsoft wind
  • All the linked Windows phone devices will be displayed at the top.
  • Select your phone and then click on ‘Find My Phone’ to get your phone’s location.
  • You can opt for SMS alerts. For this you need to key-in your phone number, click the check box and then click ‘Done’.
  • The service will display your missing phone’s location on the map below.
  • You can choose any of the three options- Ring, Lock, and Erase.

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