Asus introduces teaser for a new hybrid device

asus-teaser-300x225People are familiar with teasers for technology, TV shows, movies and video games. They are truly enticing. Asus has launched entertaining teaser videos on You Tube.

The first video is named as, “The Next Incredible Thing.” In this video, a man is writing on a white screen the above words. Immediately, the letter ‘g’ goes off and only the word ‘thin’ is visible to the viewers. After watching this video, one can imply that the future device will be very thin. But the thinness is not yet revealed by the company.

Another teaser video launched by Asus is named, “What it will blend?” In this video, a man (supposed to be an engineer) is sitting with a notebook, tablet, smartphone and a blender. With this video, one can easily infer that Asus will launch a unique device which will be a combination of tablet, notebook and a smartphone. The new device will be a promising combo and will contain advanced technology features.

Asus has always surprised users with its various blended devices and technology mixes. The users are waiting for this new “thin” and “hybrid” device. This mystery product is supposed to be revealed by Asus on June 2 at Computex 2014.

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