Autism Detecting Software

Autism-detecting-software-300x226US researchers working at Duke University have invented a new software device for identification of autism and it behavioural aspects in infants.

Studies have proved that if autism is examined and treated at an early stage, then the disorder cannot reach to the extreme level. It becomes possible for the practioners and experts for dealing with patients suffering from autism.

Developers have stated that this software won’t replace experts. It will just act as a helpful tool for the experts. This software device consists of video and software programs for detecting autism symptoms. This software was developed on the basis of three behavioral tests and the infant’s reaction.

It is in the form of video and software tools. It is beneficial for general practioners by analyzing infant’s physical and facial movements. Many factors are taken into consideration such as eye gaze, walking styles, grasping ability and infant’s reactions.

The researchers have also planned for new tablet application and relevant tests to launch in the later part of this year.

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