Autodesk 3D printer Spark to launch in 2014

Autodesk-3D-printer-sparkAutodesk is popularly known for its creative skills and in areas such as animation, graphics and architecture.

Autodesk has planned to introduce a new product on the open source platform and 3D printing technology area. It announced the introduction of this new product at Makercon in this year. The main purpose of this printer will be to create objects by the usage of SLA printing technology. Stereolithography is the other name for this printing technology.

SLA printing is well known for its excellent speed, quality and expiration of patents, thereby ensuring protection of new technology. It had been observed that desktop 3D printers will apply the technique of fused deposition modeling. This different technique makes use of solid plastic and its spools.

Another advantage is the functional reliance of this new open source platform, 3D printer named Spark. Considerable efforts have been taken for Spark to be easily available, simple and reliable for begineers and companies. It will also serve a learning tools for further developments in 3D printing areas. Autodesk looks forward for the integration of Spark with all existing and prospective 3D printers.

Autodesk had also expected that this printer will work along with range of resins, so that the customers won’t be pressurized about a particular brand.

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