Discover a gadget that can change your smartphone into a remote

Anymote HomeHere’s a very interesting development in technology that can help you control and automate your television, PC, audio systems, air conditioners, amplifiers and even IR-controlled power switches. It sounds specifically useful as we often struggle to find lost remotes and waste time doing the same. It’s no longer required as we always have our smartphones with us.

It’s a small IR device called the AnyMote Home that utilizes Bluetooth to connect with your Android or iOS device. It carries profiles of approximately 800,000 devices and the number is still increasing. It comes with a learning feature with the help of which it can be taught to identify unsupported IR remotes. What’s more, the app can communicate with services supporting Wi-Fi like the Roku, Sonos and XBMC.

How does it Work:
It’s really easy to use. One needs to launch the Smart IR remote on an Android or iOS device and connect it to AnyMote home. Then, choose the model and category of the device you wish to control and go through the process of setting up on-screen controls.

One can easily set up more than one device on a single screen or can create macro functions. For instance, a single button can be used to turn on or off your AC, set top box and television at the same time. Or, It is also possible to create a custom remote having volume, channel and power buttons.

Price and availability:
Anymote Home can be purchased for $70 or two pieces can be bought for $130. As per the company, they are through with the final tests and will start delivering the gadget by May 2015.

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