Fashionable wristband can now notify you of missed calls via Bluetooth

Ever wondered if you could own a trendy bangle matching your attire, which at the same time could give notifications of calls and emails without making you compromise on your style. Here comes the Elemoon, a bracelet comprising LED lights that communicates with your smartphone utilizing Bluetooth.

Not just call and message alerts, this device can also be used to locate your smartphone as rubbing it will make your phone ring. With the help of an application on the bracelet, you can organize the LED lights to match a neat image of your choice that will be displayed on the top of the wristband.

It does not have a display of its own but uses a grid of vibrant LED lights to flash small notification icons. It certainly is a nice blend of style and functionality. However, the Elemoon is a bit expensive as a single wristband would cost you approximately $200.

When compared to an Android wristwatch which can be purchased at around $30, the Elemoon is indeed costly. Nevertheless, the style factor could surely be a compelling factor to buy the wristband.

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