Find out what’s new in Windows 9

Windows 9If one believes the latest news releases related to Charms bar, desktop changes and the similar, it becomes evident that the new Windows version is going to be quite different from the earlier one.
Microsoft is all set to introduce Windows 9, also called as Threshold.

What’s New?
While Windows 8 has been more inclined towards mobile computing, Windows 9 is tilted towards striking a balance between mobile adequacy and desktop competence. This move is indeed in congruence with the overall computing business that is stabilizing after a long and unfavourable time.

Windows 8.1 was earlier improvised to empower Windows 8, however there is more scope to bring about change with Windows 9. The move of doing away with the Charms bar, getting the Start menu back and introducing the concept of multiple desktops has already gained wide acceptance.

However this does not mean that Microsoft is entirely getting back to the desktop as the live tiles would still be there. They are just trying to bring back the wonderful experience of Windows 7 coupled with mobile and app friendly interface.

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