Good news for movie freaks – Apple iTunes is now compatible with Apple TV

iTunes extras is now in sync with Apple TV. With the help of this feature, standard DVD extras like director commentaries, edited scenes and photo galleries would be added to HD movies. Although iTunes extras was present on Apple desktop for quite some time, it was not accessible to either iOS or Apple TV before.

This functionality is inevitable in order to make Apple TV a complete living room entertainment hub.  

In order to get this feature, you need to update your TV. The software should update automatically if the Apple TV is connected to the internet. However, if for some reason it does not get installed by itself then users can complete the action manually by going to Settings, General and update software from the main menu.

After getting the software updated, users get an option to either watch the movie or special features from the DVD menu. You can now get all the added material that comes with the HD movie you have purchased. It is indeed interesting for people who wish to get to the facts behind the scenes.

Apple has declared that iTunes Extras would soon be available on iOS8.

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