Google Dropbox for Windows Phone With New Updates


Google’s Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service that  allows you to upload and store up to 2GB of files, online for  free. You can also extend cloud storage space by paying a  fee.

Recently, the company, released updates for its Dropbox  app for, both, PC-based Windows 8.1 and smartphone-  based Windows Phone 8.1. It has also made the Dropbox a universal app. This means that interested persons can now download the same Dropbox app on all Windows-based devices.

Dropbox for Windows Phone 8.1 has many new features added to it which are similar to those of iOS and Android apps with same functionality. Now, you can upload photos and files of all kinds. Not only this, you can also download files to your device or the inserted microSD card, directly.

For users who mostly depend on Dropbox for managing their files online, can now choose and upload multiple files, simultaneously.

Other attractive features of this updated version of Dropbox app include improved download speed and the ability to open files via Dropbox from other installed apps. Also you can save photos and files to Dropbox from such appps.

The most innovative feature of Dropbox for Windows Phone 8.1-enabled smartphone users, is the ability to invite people from your phone contact-list to access your shared folders.

P.S- Google has revamped the Dropbox’s image preview tool for its Web app. Users can now preview, pan, and zoom into different types of image files. Illustrator file previews will also display artboards and pages, clearly.

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