Icybreeze cooler launched as a movable air conditioner

The new icybreeze cooler comes handy as a portable air conditioner to beat the excessive summer heat. The icybreeze has been invented by Clint Donaldson, who realized the importance of a blast of cold air while watching a baseball match being played on a hot sunny day.

The cooler is made up of polyethylene and its capacity is 9 Gallon (34 L) with an inbuilt 12V, 10 mAh rechargeable battery. The battery supports fan usage for up to 6 hrs on low setting, 4 hrs when it’s used on medium and 2.5 hrs on high. The cooler intakes 1.9 l of water, converts it into ice and and passes it on to the heat exchange system which helps in freezing the air gushing through the vents.

As per the company, the air coming out of the cooler blows at a pace of up to 25 mph (40 km/ hr) and the ice will remain intact for up to 7 days when the cooler is not in use. The system houses a plug hole at the bottom to facilitate easy drainage.

The icybreeze cooler would be available in three different colors including red, blue and green and contains two wheels and a handle for easy transportation. The company will start marketing the cooler from August 2014 onwards. A variety of charging accessories and multiple packages are available starting at US$279.

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