LG launches Kizon, An innovative wearable for kids

Aimed at providing peace of mind to parents, LG has introduced a wristband for school going kids with the help of which parents can keep a track of their young ones. KizON connects with your smartphone utilizing GPS and Wi-Fi and can provide factual information about the location of your child.

Parents can call their children with One step Direct call and through this feature even children can call a pre-specified number that can be changed anytime via a smartphone carrying Android 4.1 or higher.

The advantage is that if the child does not answer the call within 10 seconds, the device will itself connect the call to enable the parents listen via the in-built microphone. Loaded with innovative features like Location Reminder, the KizON can be pre-set to give location alerts at specified times in a day.

KizON’s battery lasts up to 36 hours and an alert would be sent at the parent’s smartphone when it’s time for the battery to be recharged.

The wristband is made up of an eco-friendly material called polythiourethane (PTU) which is water and stain resistant. It comes in three different colour options including pink, green and blue and can be accessorized with famous animation characters.

As per Dr Jong-seok Park, President and CEO, LG Electronics Mobile Communications, wearables are suitable for children and the elderly as they don’t need to be carried in a pocket and still help us stay connected.

KizON comes loaded with characteristics like 64MB RAM/ 125 MB ROM, 400mAH battery and connectivity via 2G/ 3G network. The dimensions of KizON are 34.7 x 55.2 x 13.9 mm.

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