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LG to launch LG G Flex 2 mobile in early 2015

LG-G-Flex-2Year 2015 expects launch of new LG G Flex 2 with unique feature stating that it will be far more differing that the self-healing plastic case.

Evleaks is the first one to announce the arrival of this new device which will replace the previous Nexus 6 range. The upcoming LG device will be one of the first Android silver devices.

The unique feature is still not been mentioned by LG. hence, many guesses have been made from excellent screen resolution, bigger displays and larger batteries. It is difficult to understand the “even more unique” feature from the LG Smartphone market.

One more feature stated about the rumored device is that it will contain Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 SoC. Thus, there is only option to wait till mid-Q1 2015 for the “uniwue mystery” featured LG handset.

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