Microsoft lowers down cost of Surface 2 tablet by $100

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Windows 8 TabletMicrosoft’s surface 2 tablet hybrid is now available at a mere $349 after the Company lowered down its price by $100. This reduced cost, however excludes the keyboard attachment that would need to be bought separately.

The Company has also reduced the cost of the other Surface 2 models like the higher storage SKU powered by LTE support. Microsoft had announced same cutbacks around the same time last year.

Based on Windows RT, The Surface 2 tablet hybrid was launched in 2013 along with Surface pro 2. There is news that soon Windows RT would be assimilated with the Windows Phone. So now it’s safe to assume that Surface 2, which is a rare Windows RT model could possible see phasing out. However, the move can be seen as Microsoft trying to push up the sales of the tablet.

When the device was launched, there were great hopes as it was an improvised version of its predecessor, but it failed to generate a fair response from the consumers.

However, this does not mean that the Surface project would be halted for some period of time, Microsoft will indeed continue with it. It’s just that the operating system on which the Surface 2 is built has not so far succeeded in meeting consumer’s expectations.

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