Mobile data management made easy with Mobi DB database

In case you have large amount of data stored on your mobile and are looking for a tool to help you manage it, try utilizing a database tool. One may find a lot of tools, but Mobi DB is the simplest and most effective. Unlike other database tools, Mobi DB contains 19 pre-installed data templates like books, CD’s, purchases, orders, expenses etc. in which data can be easily entered and stored.

There are two versions of this app including the free (Lite) and the paid (Full) one. The paid version costs $10.00 (USD).  In case you need to store more than 1,000 entries per database, you need to choose the paid version.

It is difficult to escape the Quick start guide and this is the one negative point that Mobi DB has. One needs to go through the quick start guide once and then get started. The launcher icon should appear on your home screen, if it’s not there, you would find it in the app drawer.

Now the most important thing: How to install Mobi DB app?
In order to install Mobi DB, go to the Google play store on your Android phone, search Mobi DB, find the app and select the lite entry via Perpetuum software, select install and accept the permissions.

We’ve prepared a step by step guide on how to use Mobi DB. Kindly click the first image and follow one by one:

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