Now Upload to YouTube from Windows Phone 8.1

Upload to YouTubeWindows Phone 8.1 users have an interesting app for use. The most awaited app, Upload on YouTube is made available for free recently. It is the first uploader by YouTube. Windows Phone Store has made this app available for free to its users.

As the name conveys, this app helps in uploading videos on the streamline video sites. It is as simple to function. Click on Share button on your camera roll and then click on Upload to YouTube. Another option is to just rummage your mobile device for searching the right video for the world to see. For example, you check Saved Downloads on your mobile device and upload a nice video from the available list).

The app provides more interesting features. Firstly, if the video is executing at the background, then is not allowed to upload on YouTube. This is not at a problem for short video clips, but it will result in some kind of sacrifice when some memorable running videos can’t be uploaded.

Another difficulty of this app is that is seems to be more cosmetic. The grey-colored UI is actually functioning and a usable component but it appears faint as if it is greyed out.

Upload to YouTube interface

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