Samsung announces its first Tizen phone

Samsung has introduced a smartphone which will run on Tizen operating system. It will be world’s first ever smartphone on a different OS.

Till date, this South Korean giant has been manufacturing smartphones powered by the Android OS. But lately, Samsung has tied hands with Intel, the chipmakers in order to use Tizen as a substitute for Android with smartphones.

Studies have shown that Tizen is attractive and suited for app developers. It is written in HTML5 language. It is also reported to have fast boot up time and also possessed with multitasking capabilities.

Samsung Z will be the company’s first phone to run on Tizen. The device will have excellent power saving steps and hence, it will provide maximum run time and big battery size. It will also provide unique features of smooth scrolling, web browsing and professional graphic quality.

Samsung Z will be officially shown off by the company at Tizen Developer Conference, San Fransisco.

It is also putting up efforts to include Tizen on mobiles and smart TVs.

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