Samsung Flow Beta App Now Available in Google Play


The Samsung Flow Beta is an innovative application which  allows users to move calls, videos, notifications and other  digital content between Samsung devices, seamlessly. This  application is similar to Apple’s Continuity app for iOS and  OS X Yosemite.

This app is in public beta version and is now available to download via Google Play. However, this latest Samsung app is only compatible with the newest Samsung-manufactured Android devices such as Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy Alpha, Galaxy Tab 5, Galaxy S5, and Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge. The interested users of the above-listed Samsung phones and tablets will have to install and add this app to the collection, in the device. Then the users can begin transferring and deferring activities, via this app. The company plans to develop and support Flow feature across all Samsung devices, in the near future.As explained by the company’s Think Tank Team, the Samsung Flow Beta app uses Bluetooth LE to show a Samsung device’s availability. Then it uses Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity options to communicate between the detected Samsung devices.


The Samsung Flow Beta app offers three communication  features- Transfer, Defer, and Notify.

‘Transfer’ option lets the user read, work, and move calls  between connected Samsung devices. ‘Defer’ option allows  the user to pause and resume tasks on the same or connected  Samsung device. ‘Notify’ option allows the user to receive  different notifications from the connected Samsung device.  They generally include notifications related to calls, text messages, software updates, and low-battery warnings.

P.S- Samsung Flow app is now supported by a few apps including Google Maps, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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