Samsung to launch first ever virtual reality headset

Samsung-virtual-reality-headset-300x165Samsung is reported to go more virtual in Samsung Galaxy.

As per recent report, Samsung has planned to launch a virtual reality headset by this year end. Samsung is on the verge to compete with Oculus Rift as well as Project Morpheus. According to Engadget report, this virtual reality headset will be compatible and easily used with Next generation phones, tablets, gaming and videos. The company aims to make the videos and gaming applications more immersive for the users.

The features of OLED displays, competitive prices, beefier hardware are expected to include in this new device.

It is yet not clarified how the device will be practically used with smart phones and mobile devices. There is also curiosity about the kind of games with which this headset will be rolled out. If this headset is practically successful by the end of 2014, Android games will obtain a new dimension.

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