Snaptrax caps with inbuilt speakers and Bluetooth connectivity

It is indeed interesting and at the same time offers convenience, to combine wearable computers with daily accessories. The new Bluetooth enabled Snaptrax baseball cap permits voice control of a coupled device like a smartphone or a tablet.

snaptrax cap connectivity


It appears like a regular baseball cap, however carries a microphone, inbuilt speakers at the corners and a Bluetooth module. It enables the cap wearer to receive or make calls, reply to sms and emails and take charge of music with the help of a side button panel.

snaptrax bluetooth connectivity with smartphoneOne point of attraction in the Snaptrax cap is its ability to provide hand and cable free operation. In order to suit the needs of different individuals, the Company is planning to soon introduce connected bucket hats, hardhats and visors, as per Will Miller. Miller along with his technical team are still working on the cap’s battery and charging abilities. One major challenge is to combine efficiency with comfort.

Miller said, “They are looking at keeping a charge time of 90 minutes to last for a couple of days”. The caps are weatherproof and would be available in four different combinations of red and black.

snaptrax caps colors

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