Unclouded app helps to clean up Cloud storage

In earlier days, quite a few software programs were available to evaluate hard drive utilization enabling one to delete and relocate files. However, now with the advent of cloud services where occupancy of extra space means incurring unnecessary monthly charges, using an app to clear storage space has become all the more important.

The latest application called Unclouded, being introduced today, evaluates and explores to help one free extra cloud storage space. This application is simple and assists in making one aware of the unnecessarily occupied space in great depth which was not possible earlier.

This app works offline and it’s possible to scroll down to locate bigger files and folders, arrange them as per time and category, find out duplicates and much more.

The developer of this app is Christian Gollner, who is an Android developer and a computer science engineer. He has been a drop box user for a long time whose own account had become unmanageable with over 170, 000 files. He wanted software to inform him of the kind of files and folders occupying his space and when were they created or updated. He also wanted to clear duplicates, therefore he created this app.

At present, Unclouded supports Google Drive and Dropbox. It can be downloaded free from Google Play, however needs to be upgraded to premium tier, else it will work in read-only mode.

Premium users of this app can also use it to upload files, share data, relocate and rename files and create folders. This app is easy to use and allows toggling between lists and grids. One can press and hold an item to delete or relocate it. It’s only available for Android phones at the moment and not for iOS.

Unclouded App Screenshot

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