Xiaomi to halt Mi3 sales in India for the time being

Xiaomi has launched the Redmi 1s on Tuesday and has discontinued selling Mi3 for some time. The reason for this could be limited stocks of the handset and as the Company is about to launch the Redmi Note and Mi 4 devices in India, it seems unlikely that they would bring back Mi3 here in the near future.

As per head of Xiaomi’s India Operations- Manu Jain, they are unclear about Mi3’s future availability in India as the Company is concentrating on Redmi 1S at present.

This move is quite traverse to the statement of Hugo Barra, VP Global, Xiaomi as he had stated in an interview on Aug 26th that the Company has a long product cycle as evident from the fact that Mi2S is still on sale in China even after completing 2 years. Since they have launched Mi3 in India just a month back, they would not discontinue its sale or else they would be left with just one smartphone in the market.

Or is this just a stance to promote Redmi 1S as the Company might want to use the popularity of Mi3 as a sales driving catalyst for its new handset. Barra has also stated in that interview that they had highly underestimated the demand for Mi3, however they will now bring in greater number of Redmi 1S handsets in the market.

There are chances that the Company might bring back the Mi3 in the market after a few weeks, however as of now it seems dubious that it would be available for sale anytime soon.

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