Zoom cloud meetings now on Android platform

In case you are travelling and require to set up a quick video meeting with a number of mobile users, you can utilize Zoom Cloud Meetings, a simple tool with the help of which standard or screen share meetings can be easily arranged.

Zoom utilizes a reliable Android app which can confer a meeting of up to 40 minutes allowing 25 participants at a time and is free of charge. If one needs to have an extended or bigger meeting, then one can go through the Zoom price plan.

Zoom cloud meetingsHowever, there is one caution that one needs to be taken care of while using Zoom. This service can only be utilized on Windows or Mac platform while using a PC. Even chrome books do not have access to the Zoom service. It is a great option for people who are travelling and using an Android device. It makes initiating or joining a meeting quite simpler.

In order to start using this app, you need to open an account on the Zoom website. You can then install the app by going to the Google play store and find the Zoom cloud meetings app. Install the app and start the meeting by touching the meet now button on the main screen. You can now invite others with the help of the invite button.

Once the required people have joined the meeting, you can view different participants by touching their icon shown at the lower side of the screen.

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