Peek- An Acuity App for Checking Eyesight!

peekThe Portable Eye Examination Kit (Peek), is an innovative vision acuity app which has been developed by a team of British ophthalmologists to primarily conduct eye tests on people living in remote areas without proper access to healthcare.

The Peek app helps to conduct eye exams using a smartphone camera fitted with a 3D printed adaptor. It also uses the camera flash and utilizes the auto-focus feature to let an ophthalmologist or a trained healthcare worker to examine the retina of a patient.This acuity app shows a shrinking letter on the smartphone screen display, instead of the standard chart letters that transform from large to fine print.

The blog posted on the Peek Vision website reads, “The high image quality means you can view cataracts clearly enough for treatment classification, detect signs of glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and signs of nerve disease.”

Iain Livingstone, an ophthalmologist and one of the founders of Peek Vision, states,” If the technology can be harnessed effectively, it means a smartphone costing a few hundred dollars, replaces tools and equipment worth thousands of dollars.”

He further adds, “Also, healthcare workers deployed in remote areas can be easily trained to use Peek.” Notably, he is a senior research fellow at the Glasgow Centre for Ophthalmic Research and was the acuity lead on the application project.

According to a recent BBC News report, the clinical trials conducted on a select group of people in Kenya by a research team from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine has proved the effectiveness of the Peek app.