Periscope for Android- A live video streaming app from Twitter !

persicope-759Twitter-owned Periscope, is a live video-streaming app, and is touted as the strongest competitor to another live broadcast app, Meerkat. Initially, the Periscope team had designed this app for iOS platform. However, due to increase in number of Twitter users using Meerkat app for uploading and sharing video broadcasts via their Android phones, Twitter felt the need to launch the Android version of the periscope application, finally.Notably, with launch of this app, Twitter has blocked the access of Meerkat to its social graph. This would mean that twitter users will no longer be able to connect with their followers via Meerkat.

The Periscope app is now available for both Android and iOS-based devices. However the Android app version is slightly different than its iOS counterpart.

3046655-slide-s-6-twitter-launches-periscope-live-streaming-for-android-prebroadcastThe major dissimilarity between the Android and iOS versions of Periscope app is the video-broadcasting method. The iOS device users have to use the central tab of the app to broadcast a video, whereas Android users have to tap a floating button which is located at the bottom right of the app. It is worth noting that the Periscope for Android devices has been designed in line with in line with Google’s Material Design view.

Another innovative Android-specific feature of this app is its ability to let you control all push notifications of your Twitter account. You can also go back to a broadcast via a banner displayed in the notification drawer. Also the replay of a video broadcast is saved automatically and saves the broadcaster from the hassle of uploading the video file, again and again.

This app is compatible with phones and tablets running Android 4.4 KitKat and later versions. The size of this app is only 8.1MB and can be downloaded from Google Play. Interestingly, you can also sign up for Periscope using your phone number, instead of your Twitter account.