Steps to Activate WhatsApp Calling On Android Devices

Whatsapp-for-PC WhatsApp, touted as the most popular  messaging app used by Android users  worldwide, now also offers free voice  calling feature to its users. If you own an  Android device and haven’t  installed  WhatsApp yet, then you will need  to  download the latest version of WhatsApp  from Google Play, first!

The voice calling feature of WhatsApp is disabled, by default and you will have to follow a series of steps in order to start using this feature.

We have described below the step-wise activation method of WhatsApp Voice Calling->

  1. Download the latest version of WhatsApp for Android. If you are already a WhatsApp user, then make sure you have the version 2.11.561 or above installed. Older versions of WhatsApp do not support this feature for Android users.
  2. Ask your family member or a friend who has this feature already enabled to make an outgoing call to your phone number.
  3. Simply receive this incoming phone call and wait for atleast 10 seconds before disconnecting the call.
  4. After this feature gets enabled on your Android device, go to the WhatsApp application.
  5. You will find a new layout of three tabs- Calls, Chats, and Contacts. The Calls tab allows you to make free voice calls, from within the app, directly.AndroidPIT-WhatsApp-voice-calls-call-log-outgoing